WebQuests Grade 3-5

Investigate the details of Potter’s world and conduct an interview with the author.


Decide the fate of a newly designated National Forest.


Students spend a day at the Magic Kingdom, plan itinerary, complete cloze story, design ad.


Learn about Amish, African and Native American cultures and create a quilt that combines the three.


Solve the mystery while learning about folktales from other lands. Students will also create a tale of their own.


Design a board game based on the adventures of Lewis and Clark


Create baseball-like card for childrens authors.


Research a children's novelist and do a multiple intelligences project


Trip around US to choose the BEST of the US to integrate into a newly created state


Exploring the world of Loch Ness, Champ and Memphre, three popular lake monsters.


Design a tour of the Southeast United States.